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Are you looking for best tax returns in Perth? With experienced tax return specialists like Universal Taxation, you are rest assured that you will be able to avail maximum refunds and benefit from quick settlements too!
Our team of accountants at Universal Taxation are qualified and known to work strenuously as they are keen to get best possible refunds for you, every time. Additionally, the company handles several tax services including:

  • Individual and Proprietor Tax Returns
  • Company, NGO and other Business Returns
  • BAS & IAS Returns
  • Tax Consulting and Advice
  • Quick claims settlement and solutions to overdue issues
  • Smart ATO Audits

At Universal Taxation, we assure topnotch quality services for you and your business. Contact us today to know more about how we can help you with all your tax filing needs at Perth.

How to Lodge Your Tax Return?

There are three ways to file your tax return –

  1. Hire a Registered Tax Agent like us
  2. Lodge a paper return
  3. Do it online.

If you are not sure about the claims and its procedure, ask one of our tax professionals and get thorough details on the expenses including travel or ongoing education, to claim these costs.

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Accountant:

  • Quick and efficient preparation of your next tax returns
  • Claim deductions as applicable
  • Efficient claim procedure by the books, with no risk of audits
  • Easy and profitable claim of refunds as applicable
  • Well versed with ATO rules and policies to safeguard you from unwarranted enquiries

Penalties involved in Failure to Lodge Tax Returns on Time

Failure to lodge (FTL) on time penalty is levied when one fails to lodge a return or statement within a stipulated period.For a small entity, FTL penalty is one penalty unit ($210) for each 28-day period from the time the filing is overdue, with up to a penalty of five units ($1050).

For a medium entity, the penalty is twice over, when the turnover is of $1 million – $20 million. Large entities have to pay five times over especially when the assessable income exceeds $20 million.An automated penalty system is used for applying FTL penalty to all returns and statements along with activity statements, income tax returns, PAYG withholding annual reports, payment annual reports and the like. In situations of escalating non-compliance, penalties are applied manually.

Australia’s Tax-Free threshold

As an Australian resident, the tax threshold is $18,200 of yearly income.In scenarios with more than one job, one should generally claim the threshold from the payer who offers the highest salary. Your second employer can then withhold tax at a subsequent ‘no tax-free threshold’ rate.

Deadlines of Tax Returns

Tax return agents in Perth can help you to lodge tax returns after 1 July and before 31 October of every year. Extensions may be granted if an individual provides a written notice and forwards the same to the Commissioner before the deadline of 31 October.

Top 9 Reasons for Choosing Universal Taxation for Tax Returns

  1. Highly conversant with the tax laws in Australia
  2. Maximum tax savings with low tax liabilities assurance
  3. Complete Saving of Time and Money
  4. Avoid Common Pitfalls with Expert Guidance
  5. Avail Assistance During Audits
  6. Use our sound advice on financial decisions
  7. Maintaining records systematically with us
  8. Trained to plan your financial future
  9. Aid you In concentrating on core tasks

Contact Universal Taxation to file tax returns in Perth before the deadline, today!

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