The dream goal for every business is to expand beyond the bounds of its previous existence. However, the overall development and growth of any business has to follow and comply with certain policies and procedures that have been implemented by the government. A failure of compliance may lead to several problems for the business owners themselves. We at Universal Taxation are here to help you understand compliance procedures and utilize them to your benefit, so that the growth and development of your business can happen without any hassles.


Align Yourself

We at Universal Taxation have the required core competency to handle issues related to business compliance. We have an experienced team to help companies to frame and implement compliance programs to meet regulatory and industry standards. We focus on compliance with various acts like Corporations Act, the Trade Practices Act, the Anti-Money Laundering Act, Counter-Terrorism Financing Act amongst others. We work with clients so as to implement the project and provide training so that they can carry forward the project. We also ensure that you have consistent support even during the post-implementation process.

We also help companies with the Financial Service License (FSL). We, at Universal Tax help companies to comply with norms related to ASIC for the application of various licenses including the Financial Service License (FSL).

Money Laundering is a crime that has become more prevalent with the advancement of technology. Several acts including the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Act, 2006 have been prevalent in the corporate world, and we are experts in developing various programs in lieu with the same.  The development of practices for the compliance of various anti-money laundering practices, including risk assessments and training are also a part of our expertise.

Nowadays, the governing bodies are setting rules for assessing compliance risks across all geographies, particularly in emerging markets. In such situations, assessment of risk arising from the region, industry or transaction becomes a vital factor of an effective compliance program. We at Universal Taxation conduct various risk-assessment programs to keep you updated about such programs and policies.

Honour the Code

The code of conduct of a company is its DNA, which is necessary for the sustenance and scalability of the company or business as a whole. But enforcement authorities require much more detailed written policies and procedures. We at Universal Taxation can help you develop your Business Code, compliant with various laws, due diligence protocols and third-party review procedures.

After all the processes and necessary procedures have been implemented, we need to ascertain whether the workforce is maintaining the same or not. This is one of the most challenging yet critical aspects that need monitoring. We conduct compliance audits and ensure the development of quality reporting and monitoring procedures.

We provide regular support to our clients, from providing support for updating of various policies and procedures, to training and support for various committees, and much more.

The services we provide are a part of an integrated package of compliance and risk management policies and procedures. We keep the policies updated with the regular changes and patterns in the corporate world. Get in touch with us and help us, help you!

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